To purchase any packages listed below please Contact Ray First, and then go to the EPS Training Online Store, thank you!

Training Options:

Weight Loss:

Body recomposition training including customized diet, training, and cardio plans to increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and improve overall health and fitness.

Body Building:

Contest Prep with customized diet and training programming to look your best on stage including day of show coaching and assistance.

Power Lifting:

One on one coaching or programming including nutrition, mobility, offseason hypertrophy, strength cycles, and meet peaking cycles

Sports Specific:

Sports performance programs for every athlete designed to increase speed, power, agility, and core strength. Available in 1-on-1 or group settings.

MMA & Boxing Training:

Novice: Cardio and fitness fighter training for the non-competitor including technical work.
Professional: Intense strength and conditioning program, technical work, and weight-cut management for the competetive fighter.

Pricing Options:

Package Pricing:
1 Session $80
5 Sessions $375
10 Sessions $700
15 Sessions $1,020
20 Sessions $1,300
Monthly Pricing:
1 Session Per Week $240
2 Sessions Per Week $400
3 Sessions Per Week $480